What is antidepressant medication?

For quite a long time now, antidepressants have been the first choice treatment for the issues faced by western people.

The fashion made its debut in the US and soon spread to developed European countries. Today, two out of ten people in Athens have used such medication, at least for a short period within their lifetime.

Are there any side-effects?

► Dry mouth
► Gastrointestinal problems
► Dizziness, nausea, vomiting
► Unclear vision
► Sleepiness
► Dental stains

The combination of dry mouth and acidic vomit is the perfect recipe for getting multiple caries.

At the same time, the patient might completely ignore oral hygiene, causing irreversible damage to the gums and eventually periodontitis.

How can these side-effects be avoided?

You do not need to discontinue your medication to save your teeth; take care of your oral hygiene by using fluoride toothpaste as well as a fluoride and chlorexidine mouthwash to protect your teeth from caries.
Supplement with frequent floridations by your dentist.