Bone Repair


Bone loss in the jaw areas is usually the result of violent tooth removal, long-term inflammation (cyst), or periodontitis. Very often, bone loss makes it impossible to use implants in these areas.

However, damaged bone tissue can be repaired using various techniques.

Repair can be achieved by using artificial grafts or autografts (bone grafts taken from the patient's own bone tissue).

Bone autografts can be taken from the jaws, the iliac crests or the tibiae (shinbones).
Autografts are preferable to artificial grafts, as they are fully biocompatible and infection-resistant. In case of minor bone loss, however, artificial grafts may work just as well, therefore autografts are not necessary.

Graft surgery may be performed at a dentist's practice or at a hospital and the patient can return to normal activities the following day.