What is apicoectomy?

Apicoectomy is a routine procedure carried out using local anaesthesia. It is recommended in case of damage or cyst around the root, under the treated root canal.

The cyst is surgically removed and the tooth is left intact. In a few months' time, the space where the cyst used to be is taken up by new bone tissue.

In which case is apicoectomy recommended?

► Symptoms are created when a cyst is formed around the apex (tip) of the root, usually following a minor crack or fracture, even if root canal treatment has been successful.

► When root canal treatment has not been completed, apicoectomy is recommended as a way to remove the cyst before other treatments are administered.

► Apicoectomy is also advisable when the root of a successfully treated tooth is covered with calculus to the point that it's no more accessible.

Is apicoectomy painful?

The procedure is fast and pain-free. Administration of antibiotics is recommended in rare cases. You can return to your normal activities right away.